The Cable Monster Has Infected Your Business! But Don’t Panic…

You head into work and begin knocking out your task list each day, unaware of a lurking threat right underneath your nose: The Cable Monster! It sticks to the shadows underneath your desk and inside your server closet, creating chaos among the unorganized technology and misplaced cables within your workplace. Its tendrils of tangled wires strangle your productivity and reputation, making it feel like there is no clear path to organizing your technology.

How did it get this bad?

There’s a reason that The Cable Monster has infected businesses across the globe: technology organization is almost never the top priority for a business! There are consequences of succumbing to the monster’s grip, but don’t panic: read on for the warning signs that The Cable Monster has already infected your business and our recommendations to defeat it once and for all!

The Rise of The Cable Monster

The Cable Monster was born out of rapid technological advancements and the procrastination of employees and management.

Employee Productivity

One of the most immediate impacts of The Cable Monster is on employee productivity. Employees waste valuable time dealing with technical issues, searching for files in disorganized systems, or trying to connect devices in a sea of tangled cables. This loss of productivity stifles growth as employees are bogged down by time sinks…

Another reason is that as companies scramble to adopt new technologies, integration often lacks the proper planning. This results in mismatched technology and software that doesn’t communicate well with each other, leading to technology clutter and negatively impacted productivity for your employees!

Client Perception and Business Reputation

When you get to work, your priority is your list of responsibilities for the day, not the cable that got detached from your workstation. Over time, one cable turns into two, then three, then four… Before you know it, you have a nest of haphazard cables beneath your desk that create the wrong impression for anyone visiting your business.

What exactly do we mean by wrong impression?

Beyond internal operations, The Cable Monster also affects how clients and visitors perceive your business. First impressions matter, and a client walking into an office only to be greeted by the chaos of unorganized technology can lead to doubts about the company’s professionalism. In an era where sleek, organized technology is equated with success and efficiency, a cluttered workspace suggests the opposite. This perception can severely impact client trust and, ultimately, business opportunities.

Battling The Cable Monster

The good news is that businesses can take steps to combat The Cable Monster: it’s not like you’re stuck with unorganized technology forever! It will require preparation and time on your part, but some simple starting points are to:

  • Implementing cable management solutions for all employee workstations and your server closet.
  • Storing technology away in specific areas when not in use. If necessary, make sure employees know where this technology is if they must access it (i.e., needing a headset for a video or a docking station for a new employee).
  • Adopting cloud-based solutions to significantly reduce physical and digital clutter.

As with most things, education and training for employees on how to maintain an organized workspace further reinforce these efforts. Training your team on proper cable management and server room housekeeping are excellent ways to keep The Cable Monster from coming back.

No More Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Cable Monster is a formidable foe, but not an invincible one. By recognizing the importance of organized technology and taking proactive steps to address it, you can quickly bring your business back to top form.

If you still feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start, visit [] to schedule a free consultation with your local technology cleanup crew! We’ll send The Cable Monster packing and make sure it never infects your business again.